Serving The Chicagoland Area

Building up our community though local resources.

The Christopher Watts Initiative (CWI) is leadership, collaboration, innovation and performance in the movement towards working communities, safety and financial vitality through workforce development, career training, entrepreneurship, networking and communications.

Transforming Our Community Through an Economic Explosion

Launched in 2017, a collaboration with at-promise youth and students in the delivery of career readiness, entrepreneurship, professional development, financial education and technology education through student-led performing arts and support from subject matter experts from the community.

The Kindness Campaign

Launched in 2013, The Kindness Campaign empowers people, which makes a strong community, through service, stewardship and selflessness.  We believe in the power of the people to build strong communities.

Your Career Search Made Easier

Launched in 2012, Your Career Search Made Easier is 60 minutes of engaging content with engaging delivery on topics that inspires and empowers professional at all levels to obtain employment, make a career change, obtain career advancement, strengthen skills and most importantly eliminate the stress that comes along with an unsatisfying current career situation.

Christopher Watts Is Putting Chicago To Work

Launched in 2011 as Christopher Watts Presents: The Chicagoland Jobs Board the Facebook based social media campaign delivers employment opportunities, career training information, community resources, community organizing campaigns and professional development guidance to site visitors.

Putting Chicago To Work

Launched in 2010 as The Christopher Watts Initiative, Putting Chicago To Work is a weekly publication that contains a plethora of employment opportunities, community resources and vocational training opportunities used by career seekers to elevate their careers and workforce development professionals to provide opportunities to clients.

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Putting Chicago To Work
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