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Putting Chicago To Work is a weekly publication that contains a plethora of job opportunities, community resources and vocational training opportunities used by career seekers to elevate their careers and workforce development professionals to provide opportunities to clients.


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The Resume Guide
The Cover Letter Guide

The Resume Guide


A resume is a professional representation of a candidate and is the first impression an employer will form of a candidate. From this, the employer will determine whether an interview is necessary. In a resume, an employer looks for things that will describe the candidate: organization skills, ability to articulate a point, professional experience, education, accomplishments, credentials and competencies. Thus, an impeccable resume is your best tool when exploring career opportunities. A resume should be created to best serve a career seeker.


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The Cover Letter Guide


A cover letter is an introduction of a candidate and should precede the resume.  A cover letter should provide a brief synopsis of a candidate’s personality, enthusiasm and strengths as well as express a candidate’s desire to work for a particular company, in a specific industry or in a particular capacity. A cover letter provides an opportunity to highlight competencies and characteristics that makes a candidate unique.  An employer will analyze a cover letter to determine things about a candidate that include written communication skills, the ability to articulate clearly, the ability to represent oneself and the ability to be neat and organized. Thus, an impeccable and error free cover letter is necessary in a competitive job market.


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